In defense of the expression of mundane life

history of diary writing importance
Michael Drummond/File

When I look back on these years of college, I seem to remember most vividly the explosions of feelings: the incredible successes and the even more spectacular failures. However, if I’m more discerning, I know that most of my time was not spent in these peaks or troughs, but instead in steady moments of content or discontent, not noticing that time was passing at all. 
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Astrological signs

Self-reflection for the new semester: September horoscopes

September horoscopes are here!!! As a reminder, we are currently in Virgo season until Sept. 22, so take this time to reorganize your thoughts and game plan going into the new semester. This is the perfect time to self-reflect on your growth and to get things done before the craze of midterm season.
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How to be the best at being average

If there’s one factor that unifies the diverse community of students here at UC Berkeley, it might be everyone’s underlying feelings of mediocrity. We all made it through the admissions process — we’re aware that we’re all highly qualified students. But when you’re one of 25,000 other qualified students in
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Summer soul-searching in the Philippines

The Philippines — a tropical archipelago located in the Pacific Ocean, composed of approximately 7,000 islands (slightly fewer during high tide) and the country I call “The Motherland.”  I wasn’t actually born in the Philippines, but it’s literally the motherland: the land in which my mother was born, as well as
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Adventuring aimlessly in Chicago

I find myself in the trees zooming by. I find myself in the skyline rising in the distance and the cars oscillating back and forth, and I find myself in each highway sign post marking the exits to unfamiliar towns. On planes, I spend entire flights memorizing the architecture of
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