More to be done

Sports with Sophie

Of the 233 countries and dependent territories in the world, only 56 of them have populations greater than 21.3 million. Regardless of their population, though, what all 233 of these countries and dependent territories have in common is a place — a stretch of land to call their own. By
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The world’s most powerful weapon

Tales of Two Cities

I’m sitting in my game theory class. It’s Tuesday. I have all the color-coded midterm questions our GSIs are frantically passing out. The clock hits 8:10, and a hush falls over 105 Stanley. Twenty minutes into the midterm, an alarm goes off, and white lights start flashing on each side
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Keeping prejudice under control

The Jewish people deserve the security of a homeland

I come from a family of refugees. My mother was younger than I am now when she was forced to flee for her life from the Islamic Revolution of Iran. My mother recalls being forced to sit in the back of her classroom along with a group of young Jewish
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