Pop songs from our past selves

Love in Conversation

Music is a vessel to hold our experiences, our many selves. It gives us words (and a drumbeat) for every moment of euphoria and every strain of heartbreak.
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Septembre days

Mind the Gap

So, my friends have taken it upon themselves, and my life has filled up with teachers who explain why the subject they’re teaching is important.
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Mea culpa manifesto

Fake Out

Don’t ask me what kind of music I like. Don’t ask me what I’m into. Just ask me who I am, and I’ll give you a list of songs and artists and movies and shows and books that built a personality. I like art to defy category or definition. I
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Tunesday: Battle the summer blues

Though summer isn’t usually categorized as a melancholy season, something about going home, lighting sparklers and slipping into cyan swimming pools leaves a nostalgic sensation in its wake. Sometimes every happy summer memory feels fleeting. After the moment ends, you find yourself one fewer summer adventure away from returning to
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Regina Spektor: What We Saw from the Cheap Seats

When Regina Spektor composes lyrics, she doesn’t write them down. This can be a problem; lyrics slip through the cracks of memory like change between couch cushions. What she does manage to get down into a song, however, tends to be memorable, a sweet bit of candy for the ears.
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