I’m not your boo

Sex on Tuesday

After I ghosted my ex, I learned that ghosting is sometimes necessary. But there is often a limbo in which the person you are talking to isn’t rude enough to warrant ghosting but still isn’t someone you want to keep in your life.
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With all due respect

My body is composed of a slender torso with wide hips, cellulite and stretch marks, a warm vagina, a wart on my toe, cupid’s-bow lips, perpetually cold hands and a pair of sumptuous, pale breasts. My wide forehead lives behind thick bangs, and I have calves that double in size
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Not-so-hot hookups

Because sex is such a taboo topic, most of us are confused about how to navigate the hazy path sex comes with. Monogamy, hookups, abstinence… whatever it may be, is there one path that is most fulfilling for human connection?
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Be kindr to Grindr

Off the Beat

I realize now how essential access to LGBTQ+-centered spaces — online or in person — is to queer and questioning youth. Online communities provide us with the education, support and affirmation the rest of the world does not offer us.
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Can I see your ass?

Miss Communication

On one screen, a group of refugees landed on the Greek coast under a gray sky. They jumped from an overcrowded raft, carried their children up the rocky shoreline and shivered from the cold water under foil emergency blankets. On another, smaller screen, I opened Snapchat and took a photo
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