Taking the leap

Impulsive Coward

I hit the water and emerged with the mother of all wedgies, a mental note to see my chiropractor and, most importantly, the way it felt to surprise myself.
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OMG: A poetry collection

A contemplative pursuit from the outer Internet to the Inner-Net in search of answers

Oh God, Where Art Thou? Oh God, where art Thou? I ask By your side, my son, comes the instant reply Look, for I hold your hand And walk by you all the way.   Our steps match as we walk down life’s path Many an obstacle comes my way
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UC Berkeley must employ more diverse faculty

As a student at UC Berkeley, I, as well as many other students, have personally dealt with the ramifications of having unqualified professors. When a professor teaches about a subject matter that’s outside of their scope of knowledge, it can truly be damaging for students. As a student of an
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Eid traditions: Ittar, bangles and prayer

Stories from The Book

Excuses and fibs piled up: I was sick or I had to go to a wedding. As I grew older, this began to change, and I attempted to educate people on the traditions that I practiced, to see the beauty in the religious practices that I also saw.
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