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Alarming rises in rent make UC Berkeley less accessible

While such local actions are essential to alleviating the affordable student housing crisis, steps must simultaneously be taken to restructure rent ordinances in order to ensure that students living off-campus in residential units do not continue to suffer the burden of increasing rent rates.
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Productive, sustainable food system requires equitability

Every day, at least twice a day, I walk the strip of Shattuck Avenue that connects the UC Berkeley campus to my apartment, which is conveniently located behind the Safeway Community Markets. Most of this stretch is known to locals as the “Gourmet Ghetto”, although the restaurants that give the
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More comprehensive review of Berkeley housing crisis needed

In their op-ed, Igor Tregub and Marian Wolfe, members of Berkeley’s Housing Advisory Commission, assert that “developers of market-rate housing use these higher rents so that their projects ‘pencil out,’ making the probability of more affordable rents unlikely, at least in the near-term.” The authors falsely suggest that future rents
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Spent with my rent

Ask Me Anyway

Your rent’s like a personal plate of late-night nacho drunchies: You know you have to contribute and share with the gang, but you also need to protect your precious assets — this starts and ends with communication.
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Feeling fine about making do with less

I lived in a walk-in closet in San Francisco. Not in a metaphorical sense, but in the literal one — my room was a converted walk-in closet. I lived in a closet because my roommates and I had jobs in the city, but none of us were making enough to
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3 things to remember when moving into your apartment

There is exactly one month left of summer. Facebook has exploded with Tele-BEARS posts (all complaints, of course), summer courses have had exams and those of us lucky enough to be near family have gorged on home-cooked food. This also means students are getting ready to turn on their brains,
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