Memorable moments from the Democratic, Republican National Conventions

Angela Radulescu/Creative Commons

This year the whole country watched the Republican National Convention, or RNC, and the Democratic National Convention, or DNC, with a mixture of awe, confusion, sadness and anticipation. While our last shred of hope that the RNC would somehow be able to overstep the public and elect literally any nominee other than Donald Trump was shamelessly and hopelessly dashed, we were at least able to cheer ourselves up with endless videos and images of Bill Clinton frolicking among the beautiful balloons celebrating Hillary Clinton’s nomination.
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UC Berkeley students attend Republican National Convention

Never too far from politics, students from UC Berkeley made an appearance at the Republican National Convention last week. Six Berkeley College Republicans traveled to Tampa, Fla.,  as volunteers for California’s delegation to the convention, which took place Aug. 27 to 30 and centered on the theme of “A Better
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