Symptoms of sequestration

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: If Congress fails to take prompt action, the UC system and the people of California will suffer as a result of sequestration.

Here is a glimpse of the austere world California is plunging into if Congress fails to get its act together soon: The state could lose as much as $795,000 in funding for assistance to domestic violence victims, about $87.6 million for primary and secondary education will be lost, around 9,600
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The cost of college must decrease

Affordable higher education is essential to a strong middle class

Editor’s Note: This is a general op-ed sent from the White House to address a college audience. In my State of the Union address, I laid out ways Democrats and Republicans can work together to reignite the true engine of America’s economic growth — a rising, thriving middle class. We
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Brown’s sketchy proposition manipulates students’ fears

Young people are determined to make their voices heard in the upcoming November election on the issue of ever-increasing costs of higher education.  The ASUC has already helped register thousands of current UC Berkeley students to vote, stressing the importance of one major ballot initiative: Proposition 30. However, any student
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Protecting the middle class

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Lawmakers’ failure to pass the Middle Class Scholarship Act this past weekend does a disservice to California students.

Students from middle-class families arguably feel the impact of escalating tuition at California public universities most noticeably. While wealthier individuals can continue to afford the cost of their children’s education, and financial aid, for the most part, can support lower-income students, more and more middle-income families cannot afford the cost
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A funny thing happened on the way to the forum

Life in the Matrix

Up until now in this column I’ve written about various aspects and inventions of the telecommunications revolution, which began, presumably, after Steve Jobs poured out his fifth bucket of bikram-induced sweat, Steve Wozniak downed his last round of Funyuns and Fanta and the two set to work building computer chips
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