Ron Paul’s politics pack less punch than his honesty

The Devil's Advocate

Ron Paul’s strong second place finish in Tuesday’s Minnesota primary is a reminder that he’s a powerful force within the Republican party and that his ardent youth support will endure throughout the nomination process. Still, his chances of actually getting the nomination are virtually nil — well, just over two
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Fighting the campus army

Given Insight

Oh Berkeley, you fickle mistress! I thought that I had seen every side of you, my dear. We’ve endured so much together over the past three years — a social security scam, an endless array of protests, several building occupations and even a riot. By now, I figured that I’d
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Realigning the criminal justice system in California

On Oct. 1, 2011 the California criminal justice system began a massive reform involving transferring responsibility for managing convicted offenders from state to local agencies. Known as “realignment”, this change was proposed by Gov. Brown and endorsed by a majority of the Democrats in the Legislature. Almost all the Republicans
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The Grand Old Party pulls for the grand masses?

I finished The Wall Street Journal’s Op-Ed on the Republican debates and realized it was by Karl Rove. I shuddered. Why? For the obvious reason — it being written by Karl Rove — but also because I agreed with it.