Letter: July 15 – July 21

A different look at why the humanities matters Many thanks to Martin Jay for his defense of the humanities (“Why the humanities,” July 8). Alongside a halfhearted suggestion, half-abandoned in the penultimate sentence, that a humanities major is good for the career, he suggests that the humanities are about critical
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Education democratization

CAMPUS ISSUES: The university needs to ensure academic research is openly accessible to members of the general public regardless of status.

The University of California has done the right thing in joining the nationwide open access movement by officially coming out April 26 in support of California state assembly bill AB 609. AB 609, which was introduced to the state assembly in February, aims to make results of government-funded research freely
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Life on earth started by … comets?

Here at Cal, we like to tackle the big questions. After all, we are one of the world’s premier research universities. Continuing with this tradition, UC Berkeley scientists are now attempting to answer one of the biggest questions in existence: how did life on earth begin? Told you it was
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Brown is wrong on research

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Recent comments from the governor demonstrate that he fails to fully grasp the importance of the UC as a research institution.

Apparently, Gov. Jerry Brown doesn’t understand the critical role of research at the University of California. In an article published last week in The Washington Post, Brown said professors should spend more time in the classroom and less time doing research, claiming that “the faculty’s primary role is teaching.” He
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UC research should be free

The public deserves unlimited access to intellectual output

It is a felony to share knowledge created by the faculty, staff and students of the University of California with the public. Wait. What? In 2011, online rights activist Aaron Swartz was accused of using the MIT computer network to download millions of scholarly journal articles with the intent of
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