Black girls are magic

In 2013, CaShawn Thompson started promoting the idea of the resilience of Black girls being akin to “magic” via #BlackGirlsAreMagic. Here’s to more magic.
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I carry Syria in my heart

I hesitated before writing this piece, because, once again, I was going to write about Syria. If you go to my author page on the Daily Cal website, you would find that 11 of my 14 Daily Cal pieces speak of Syria in some way. So when I sat down
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Why I cut my hair: the Anti-Manifesto

Subliminal Signification

Garbed in pink pajamas, I faced my bathroom mirror, armed with orange scissors. My chin-length hair dangled helplessly. I took a breath and sloppily chopped across a section of my brown locks. I felt cathartic — or at least, I wanted to feel that way. Even though Mulan’s haircut was
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Voices speak out on Cairo

Egyptians address our misconceptions on the Middle East

If someone gave you 140 characters to share one message with the world, what would you tell people? Really — think about that for a second. Would it be a message of hope, of freedom? Would you share your words of wisdom or maybe give caution to the coming generation?
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Playlist of the week: riot mix

These past few weeks have been full of intense political controversy, from the NSA surveillance leak in the United States to the anti-government riots in Turkey. Given all of the recent  upheaval, we at the Clog thought it would be appropriate to feature tracks with poignant political messages that apply
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It rained on our parade

Man Under Bridge

In a world without Robert Reich, where would we be? For starters, probably not out on Sproul that cold November night. Reich’s speech was critical in bringing thousands of students to the Occupy Cal protest last semester and was definitely an important moment for the movement to refund the UC.
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