Out of bounds

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: State legislation aimed at changing tenure policies at the UC and the CSU would place an undue burden on both systems.

The state legislature has no place in university personnel decisions. Academics, and the tenure awarded to hard-working faculty who improve their fields, is the university’s domain, not the state’s. Apparently, Assemblymember Ricardo Lara, D-Bell Gardens, feels differently. A bill he introduced earlier this year, most recently amended on Aug. 24,
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Bill would place added burden on UC faculty

Community service proposal in faculty tenure bill should not be mandated

Will the Harvards, Cal Techs and Stanfords out there change their tenure policy to match the UC? I doubt it. Why? Because it will place these schools at a competitive disadvantage for research funding. Placing an additional burden on the UC tenure-track faculty outside of the typical university norm would cause a faculty to commit additional time and resources and potentially distract that faculty from building up his or her laboratory, writing research grants and publishing his or her findings in scholarly journals. Is the groundbreaking work of an academic researcher not worthy enough service to the wider community?
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Bill gives aid to undocumented students involved in student governments

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill Saturday requiring UC, CSU and community college student government bodies to pay for stipends, reimbursements or benefits for the service of students, regardless of their immigration status. The bill — authored by Assemblymember Ricardo Lara, D-Bell Gardens — will ultimately allow undocumented students within
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