UC Academic Senate approves two new transfer pathways for university

Sarah Brennan/Staff
The Transfer Center on Lower Sproul at UC Berkeley.

At its meeting Thursday, the UC-wide Academic Senate approved two new transfer pathways that will simplify the transfer requirements and allow students to deviate from the standard general education requirements. According to Academic Senate Chair Robert Anderson, the senate adopted a change in regulations to create two new transfer pathways
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Proposal requests that regents endorse UC-friendly ballot measures

A University of California Academic Senate proposal introduced in early February requests that the UC Board of Regents endorse specific ballot measures or legislation that would increase revenue to the state and prioritize state allocation of funds to the university. The proposal, which was distributed to all senate faculty members,
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Future UC students may be asked to declare sexual orientation

Future University of California students may be asked to disclose their sexual orientation upon accepting an admissions offer to a UC campus. Recent legislation and efforts to obtain this information were introduced with the goal of improving campus data and resources available for students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual
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UC Academic Council sends statement to Yudof

On Sunday, leaders of the UC Academic Senate sent a letter to UC President Mark Yudof supporting free speech for students on UC campuses and expressing outrage at police use of force during protests at UC Berkeley and UC Davis over the past few weeks. Alisha Azevedo is the lead
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UC Board of Regents discusses funding for graduate students

With funding for its graduate academic students falling behind the UC’s competitor institutions, the UC Board of Regents discussed at their meeting Thursday how to increase funds for graduate students — a crucial part of the university’s academic excellence, according to faculty and administrators. Board members discussed eliminating nonresident graduate
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