Alameda County middle schools, high schools given option to reopen with restrictions

Photo of Berkeley High School
Sunny Shen/File
The requirements that all schools must meet to reopen include COVID-19 screening for all staff and volunteers at least once a month and adhering to social distancing guidelines by implementing hybrid school schedules, according to the website of the city of Berkeley.

On Wednesday, Berkeley health officer Dr. Lisa Hernandez announced plans to give Alameda County middle schools and high schools the option to return to in-person classrooms starting the week of Nov. 9.
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‘Funeral’ marks closure of Berkeley high’s warm water pool

To recognize the closure of Berkeley High School’s warm water pool, roughly 40 people gathered for a “funeral” Wednesday evening to express their discontent at losing the facility, which is set to have its last day of operation Thursday. The pool  —  which city residents have fought to keep open for
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