NFL: Actions speak louder than words

Changing the game

Just as it has not been enough for businesses and localities to spew words condemning racism, police brutality and the death of George Floyd, it will not be enough for the NFL, especially considering its history of being actively complicit in maintaining “tradition” that hinders movement toward racial justice, or even discussion of it.
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Sucking out the poison

Forgive the bitterness, for it’s only a sign of the poison. I don’t care about the Chargers anymore. I wish them luck in the future, pray no one gets hurt, and I promise to never burn my vintage powder blue Junior Seau jersey. But my days of proudly repping a
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The ineffectual NFL

Sports with Sophie

On May 28, 2015, Molly Brown reported to detectives that her then-husband, New York Giants kicker Josh Brown, had been physically violent toward her more than 20 times over the preceding years. The report was filed after Molly Brown called the police two days in a row — May 21
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New trailer hits hard

There is no doubt that the NFL has been under an incredible amount of heat in the past year. From the recent video of Cris Carter speaking to rookies to the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson scandals to commissioner Roger Goodell’s handling of Deflategate, it would be hard to find
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