Am I a romantic masochist?

To the Left

I’m the reason I can’t find love, and nothing can convince my stubborn self otherwise. My love language is self-sabotage, and it always seems to best me.
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The making of love

Sex on Tuesday

I wear the loves I’ve accrued in every facet of my personality, letting the romances of my life sculpt who I am and what I want. And I’d argue that love creates all the ingredients required for exemplary sex.
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A circumcised heart


Melody. 20. Bio: “Probably writing a stand-up bit about you.” Cue picture of me wearing a kitschy Hanukkah sweater, picture of me dressed up as Guy Fieri and the grand finale: me and Larry David photoshopped together. Some may say my dating profile is obnoxiously Jewish. I oppose this notion
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