Partnerships, plural

Love in Conversation

Romantic and platonic aren’t organizing categories of relationships — they aren’t even poles on a spectrum.
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The making of love

Sex on Tuesday

I wear the loves I’ve accrued in every facet of my personality, letting the romances of my life sculpt who I am and what I want. And I’d argue that love creates all the ingredients required for exemplary sex.
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Romantic dining hall situations

The dining hall can sometimes be an unexpectedly romantic place. There are countless opportunities for love when you walk into a place like Crossroads, and because we know you probably don’t believe us right now, we’ve outlined five possible romantic interactions you can have in the dining hall. 1. A
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Earth Day date ideas

Although not usually considered a romantic holiday, Earth Day is a great opportunity to show your sensitive and sustainable side to potential new S.O.’s. Here are a few tips to help win over any tree hugger this Earth Day.     Go to an Earth Day festival Seeing as we live in
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What if Valentine’s Day were every day?

Nothing says “love is in the air” quite like rose petals, crimson cheeked cherubs and a shitty romantic comedy on ABC. The Clog can’t contest the fact that there is a certain je ne sais quoi surrounding Feb. 14. But would our hearts be pattering like the footsteps of a child if, say, Valentine’s Day
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Confessions of a hopeless romantic

Students’ names have been changed or withheld in order to protect their privacy. Love struck unexpectedly during my freshman year of college. As I waited in line outside of my dorm to receive my room number on the first day of school, I felt a tap on my shoulder. It
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