Quiz: Are you a good roommate?

As you transition back onto campus, adjusting to new and old roommates is always a challenge. Some of you have realized that you made the perfect roommate choice, while others have discovered that a best friend does not always equal a good roommate. Between overnight “guests” and cleaning duties, it can be
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5 questions to ask when roommate hunting

It’s that time of year again, when your dorm RAs start reminding you that they’re kicking you out the day after finals finish and landlords rent out the apartment you haven’t even found a replacement for yet. Even if you haven’t figured out where you’re living next year, chances are
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A Guide to NOT Picking Roommates

How To: not pick the wrong roommates

As the home stretch for spring break approaches, most students have managed to zone out of at least a couple of classes every day and sleep through another few. Thoughts drift toward the freedom of spring break and even beyond that — all the way to summer. In fact, it’s
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