Hug your way to an A

It’s an inherent fact that the stress before finals causes some people to kind of melt down. They stop taking care of themselves, eat foods they would otherwise never touch and go barking mad worrying about their grades. If you’re one of these people, there’s a great way to get
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5 things to look forward to after finals

RRR week — oh, who are we kidding, it’s dead week — is finally upon us. It’s time to begin studying diligently and start working on final projects — or just let our brains rest for a while before the real cramming begins. But let’s not forget what this beloved “break”
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Make sure you follow the rules

The student advocate's office lays out RRR week violations

With only a few days of instruction remaining, the spring 2013 semester is drawing to a close. The end of the semester brings with it a swarm of endless work, many sleepless nights, and interminable regrets about not mastering course material sooner. The end of the semester also brings with
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