How ‘Black Panther’ became an Oscar nominee

This awards season, “Black Panther” has garnered Oscar buzz like Wakanda has vibranium. In total, the film was nominated for best picture, original score, original song, sound mixing, sound design, production design and costume design. As noted by Vulture, these are history-making nominations, but just how did “Black Panther” become
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‘Fruitvale Station’ strikes a chord

Ryan Coogler's film offers a raw depiction of real life events

“Fruitvale Station” is particularly close to home for East Bay residents, evoking familiarity with the eponymous BART stop or the tragic incident that took place on New Year’s Day of 2009. In his first feature-length film, East Bay native Ryan Coogler presents a haunting, tense and striking dramatization of the
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