Meditation room in student union to provide space for thought, prayer

Emma Lantos/Senior Staff
A student utilizes the new relfection space on the fifth floor of the MLK student union.

Student demands for a designated space for meditation and reflection were answered Monday when the Tilden room in the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union reopened as the temporary meditation space on campus. The room — which was previously used for commercial space — will serve as the location for
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ASUC Store Operations Board in dispute over vote

The ASUC Store Operations Board, a body of students and administrators that oversees ASUC commercial activities like the Cal Student Store, is embroiled in a dispute over the appointment of a third party to search for a new executive director. The controversy concerns a board committee’s vote to commission a
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The ASUC Store Operations Board is currently in negotiations with possible new managers of the Bear’s Lair Pub, whose current management will stay until June 30.

Campus pub operation talks persist

On most early Friday evenings  throughout the school year, the Bear’s Lair Pub was overflowing with customers gathered for the pub’s weekly “Beat the Clock” event. Despite this, the pub’s current management, Jupiter Beverage LLC, was switched to a month-to-month lease of the space by the ASUC Store Operations Board
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