2013: A year in review

Feb. 12: Berkeley resident Kayla Moore dies in police custody Berkeley resident Kayla Moore died in police custody the night of Feb. 12 after officers responded to a disturbance call in the area of her apartment. Moore’s death elicited significant community response surrounding allegations of police misconduct and a lack
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Letters: August 5 – August 12

Student regent needs to represent all students UC student regents are supposed to represent all UC students. Sadia Saifuddin’s leading role in the UC-wide anti-Israel divestment movement calls into question her willingness to represent the Jewish community — its extreme left excepted. In pushing for divestment from the Middle East’s
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Overstepping boundaries

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: The discussion surrounding the appointment of UC Student Regent-designate Sadia Saifuddin was disrespectful and failed to focus on her qualifications.

When former ASUC senator Sadia Saifuddin was appointed to the position of UC student-regent designate at this month’s UC Board of Regents meeting, what should have been a conversation focusing on the candidate’s qualifications devolved into a shameful spectacle. The conversation to approve Saifuddin failed to assess her preparedness to
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