Disrupt NBA games, save the animals

As farms continue to spread diseases such as HPAI, torturing animals and exploiting workers in the process, it is crucial that people take direct action to challenge this violent industry.
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Why pesticides are a workers’ rights issue

Following the release of Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring in 1962, the public became aware of the environmental damage inflicted by toxic pesticides used in modern agriculture systems. However, pesticides are more than an environmental issue — they are a workers’ rights issue, too.  We need to look at the consequences
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Welcome Message

Let’s embrace all that the city of Berkeley has to offer and do our part to keep the Berkeley community healthy and vibrant. Here’s to a safe semester, and go Bears!
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Photo of Merve Ozedmir

The girl who knows better

A Modern Feminist?

When victims are held responsible for the actions of perpetrators, violence becomes the norm; the focus shifts from solving the problem to avoiding it.
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Photo of Khristina Holterman

Condom conundrums

Sex on Tuesday

I’d underestimated the determination of a “no condom” male. There’s always a loophole, even if it means quickly yanking the condom off between positions.
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Illustration of people building the Berkeley Police Station

Toward a Berkeley where all residents feel safe

CITY AFFAIRS: Recent police reforms in Berkeley mark significant progress in public safety, should be only the beginning of transformative change

Reforming an institution rooted in a legacy of state-sanctioned racial violence will take a paradigm shift, both in police culture and public attitude.
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