Get to know Brazil Cafe’s Pedro and 3 other store owners

You’re used to buying a mango smoothie at Brazil Cafe, picking up your groceries from Sam’s Market, grabbing your morning coffee from Cafe Milano and getting your. .. glass figurines …  from Whelan’s Smoke Shop. But how much do you actually appreciate the workers who serve you at these locations? The Clog wanted
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Photo Gallery: Scanwiches

To accompany our article on sandwiches in the Telegraph area, senior staff photographer Derek Remsburg scanned sandwiches and subs from various vendors in the neighborhood. This post was inspired by the photography of

New sandwich shop opens on Telegraph

The Toaster Oven became the newest choice in Southside eateries Monday morning, opening its doors on Telegraph Avenue. Next to Chipotle Mexican Grill and across the street from Sam’s Market, the Telegraph shop is the first East Bay location of a Bay Area chain that sells sandwiches, soups, salads and
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