Michael Keaton serves up savory performance in McDonald’s origin story ‘The Founder’

The Weinstein Company/Courtesy
"The Founder" | The Weinstein Co.
Grade: B

When we first heard that The Weinstein Company was making a movie about the origin of McDonald’s, it didn’t sound very appealing. The mind immediately jumps to uncomfortable images of greasy Big Macs and no-breakfast-after-10:30 flashbacks. But within the first 30 seconds of “The Founder,” we find that it’s not
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What’s a Muslim American supposed to do?

Off the Beat

On Dec. 6, President Barack Obama addressed the nation on the San Bernardino tragedy, “the broader threat of terrorism, and how we can keep our country safe.” The president discussed both his policy position and the need for Muslim Americans to be proactive in fighting terrorism, all within a concise
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