Illustration of a BART train switching away from dilapidated tracks and turning towards a brighter, well-maintained set of tracks

Support BART. Public transit has to survive the pandemic

BAY AREA AFFAIRS: As BART faces critical crossroads, now is the time to foreground the importance of expansive, affordable public transportation

Now is a remarkably poor time for politicians to denigrate BART or spread misconceptions that erode public support for transit in the Bay Area. 
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Photo of a white lily

The gardener: A poem

My uncle’s wife Aranya had beautiful flowers that she cared for as if she had given / birth to them, out on the balcony of her high-rise in Kolkata.
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Music to my years

American Pie?

It was crushing, admitting to myself there wasn’t a single piece I could remember how to play in its entirety without mistakes, a deserved blow. 
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