Students protest alleged inhumane animal treatment at Cal Dining supplier

Photo of protest of Cal Dining pork suppliers, Seaboard Foods
Direct Action Everywhere/Courtesy
UC Berkeley students protest at Sather Gate against alleged animal cruelty practices taking place at Seaboard Foods, which supplies pork to Cal Dining facilities.

Approximately two dozen students gathered Wednesday morning on Sproul Plaza with signs reading “Stop pandemics” and “Ban meat” in protest of alleged inhumane animal treatment at one of Cal Dining’s pork suppliers.
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Oscar, the lost penguin: His day at UC Berkeley

Just yesterday, a new shipment of frozen tilapia got shipped to Crossroads to replenish the dining hall supply. Little did the workers know that there was a fluffy feathered stowaway tucked away in one of the cardboard boxes. While no one was watching, the penguin, we’ll call him Oscar, escaped the paper imprisonment and waddled out of the establishment.
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