‘Going to escalate’: Graduate student workers protest employment policies

Photo of a UAW protest
Lisi Ludwig/Senior Staff
UAW is currently bargaining for four potential contracts with the university, which are meant to address paid family leave, rent burden, incidents with abusers and increased fees for international students.

Hundreds of graduate student workers, represented by the union United Auto Workers, or UAW, protested UC employment policies on the UC Berkeley campus Tuesday. 
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Tour de force

As much as I wanted to end this tour with some advice or wisdom, I have yet to process my impending graduation. Maybe it’s because I can’t fit four years into 900 words, as hard as I try.
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Time stands still: Campanile clock takes a break

In this case, it was the north-facing clock that was broken, with the other three clocks still reporting the right time. Karen Lobo, associate director of Facilities Services, said the clock was broken because of a failed motor. Campus Facilities Services had a backup motor, which was installed, and the failed motor was sent out for refurbishment.
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