So you’re a 12-year-old hajji?

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My mom had picked me up from school that day, and she told me that I was to miss a month of school. At 12 years old, I was receiving the opportunity to trek to the other side of the world, stay in Saudi Arabia and complete the spiritual and religious journey that is the hajj.
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Citations for sale

Saudi university boosts rankings by aggressively recruiting world's top researchers

King Abdulaziz University, a little-known university in Saudi Arabia, ranks seventh in the world in mathematics, edging out other universities with reputable math departments. But their newfound prestige is a product of an aggressive recruitment program targeting some of the world’s top scientists.
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2013 rankings that prove Berkeley is the best

When we start to get depressed after paying our CARS bill, it’s nice to remember that, around the world, rankings are coming out that say Cal rocks. The Clog has compiled a list of our favorite rankings released in 2013 that recognize how great our school and city are. Read
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An Olympic first

Sarah Attar, who is eligible to compete for Saudi Arabia because her father was born there, is one of the first two Saudi Arabian women to ever compete in the Olympics. Judo competitor Wodjan Shaherkhani, born in Mecca, is the other. In the first Olympics since the Arab Spring began two years ago, Brunei, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are all sending women for the first time. A female athlete will represent each of the 204 countries in the Olympics for the first time in the history of the competition.
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