2013: A year in review

(Credit from top left: Tony Zhou/File, Kelly Fang/File, Carlos Caceres/File, Sureya Melkonian/File, J. Hannah Lee/File, Jan Flatley-Feldman/File)

Feb. 12: Berkeley resident Kayla Moore dies in police custody Berkeley resident Kayla Moore died in police custody the night of Feb. 12 after officers responded to a disturbance call in the area of her apartment. Moore’s death elicited significant community response surrounding allegations of police misconduct and a lack
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Keeping prejudice under control

The Jewish people deserve the security of a homeland

I come from a family of refugees. My mother was younger than I am now when she was forced to flee for her life from the Islamic Revolution of Iran. My mother recalls being forced to sit in the back of her classroom along with a group of young Jewish
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Coming together for campus justice

Students for Justice in Palestine member discusses Birgeneau’s response to student assault

What does the marginalization of a large and diverse coalition of students look like? It looks something like Chancellor Robert Birgeneau’s statement that was recently released in response to SB 160, the ASUC bill that calls for targeted divestment from companies complicit in Israeli apartheid and illegal settlement. Birgeneau explained
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Demanding transparency from the ASUC

New ASUC Senate, executive officials and staff need to take responsibility for their actions

With the passage of SB 160 on April 18, the UC Berkeley campus has been packed with people pointing fingers at their peers for the controversial decision. Even the Daily Cal has been going crazy about the vote, talking about how so-and-so was harassed by so-and-so and is now pointing
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Divestment quid pro no

CAMPUS ISSUES: Events surrounding the ASUC Senate’s passage of SB 160, including a disgraceful deal offer from a senator, cast a pall over the campus.

If ASUC Senator Jorge Pacheco truly wanted to settle charges against President Connor Landgraf, he should have done it the right way. Attempting to thwart the democratic process instead and influence Landgraf’s decision on whether to veto the ASUC Senate’s controversial divestment bill was wildly inappropriate. Elected representatives of the
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