Fair Pay to Play Act to take effect beginning Sept. 1

photo of Memorial Stadium
Josh Kahen/Senior Staff
The Fair Pay to Play Act's effective date has been moved to Sept. 1 by California state senators Nancy Skinner and Steven Bradford. The bill has been amended to included the community college system and allows athletes to now identify the school they attended while creating promotional material.

California state senators Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, and Steven Bradford, D-Gardena, announced Monday that they would be moving the effective date of the Fair Pay to Play Act to Sept. 1.
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Football player working at a desk

If the NCAA won’t allow colleges to pay student-athletes, athletes should be allowed to pursue other sources of income

STATE ISSUES: Universities make billions of dollars off of the unpaid labor of student-athletes. This has to stop.

College athletes have brought in billions of dollars to campuses — some even risk their lives to play their sports. These students are forced to compromise on academics and financial stability to support their campus. They deserve fair compensation for these sacrifices — and if the NCAA won’t allow campuses to pay student-athletes, it should, at the very least, permit athletes the right to be compensated through sponsorships.
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