24-and-a-few hours

Photo of Mahika Singhal

In Berkeley, everyone was to me — as I was to them — an afterthought, a relationship preserved at night and over weekends after the day’s, or week’s, work was done.
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Photo of Emma Solomon

The college clock

Growing into Myself

It is human nature to hold back and run from fear rather than face it. In the process of being so scared of falling flat on my face, I did just that.
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Illustration of two cartoon people being torn apart by giant hands in front of a screen that says "SCHEDULE".

Scheduled: A short story

The events and names in this story are all fictitious. The girl wakes up on the first day of every month with fear and anticipation. On the nightstand beside her is her phone; when she turns it on, it does not display the usual home screen but instead the big
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