Image of Lauren Sheehan Clark

The Anne Hathaway effect

I’d wager a good chunk of my generation has memorized Hathaway’s before and after looks, her glasses askew and mouth hanging open in one moment, eyes bright and shining in the next.
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There’s something about dogs

It was cool at the time

“Marley & Me,” “Where the Red Fern Grows,” “A Dog’s Purpose” and “My Dog Skip” make up a genre based on a simple but emotionally powerful idea: dogs make us better people, and then we lose them.
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Fashion Fridays: Halloween Edition

UC Berkeley often talks about diversity, but there’s one day every year when the assortment of students is beyond belief. If you catch Edward Scissorhands in your Friday discussion, or Kermit the Frog at GBC, don’t freak out — it’s just Halloween! While most students waited for their night festivities to bust out the
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