In meetings with UC Berkeley students, Napolitano hears criticism and policy talk

Michael Drummond/Senior Staff
ASUC President DeeJay Pepito (left), UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks and UC President Janet Napolitano meet with various ASUC officials, many of whom were critical of the head of the university’s past policies and career.

Janet Napolitano sat quietly in a room surrounded by some of her staunchest critics on Thursday afternoon, listening as a small group of UC Berkeley undergraduates relayed deep-seated concerns about her status as president of the UC system.
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Always human, never illegal

CAMPUS ISSUES: The ASUC Senate should pass a bill under consideration that attempts to tackle the stigma of undocumented immigration

Regardless of how many times people use the phrase “illegal immigrants,” human beings cannot ever be “illegal.” A bill recently introduced in the ASUC Senate aims to address the misuse of the word “illegal” as it relates to immigration. The bill urges the campus community to drop the “I-word” when
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