Is ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ trauma center of prime-time television, flatlining?

Richard Cartwright/ABC/Courtesy

This episode felt like a breaking point of emotional manipulation — it feels like the “Grey’s” showrunners are sensing that their time is up. Any one of the events that transpired within these last two episodes could have been a several-episode or entire-season arc. The heartbeat of the show is wavering, strong enough for a fourteenth season, but after that, it will likely flatline.
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Game of Thrones 4×10: Season 4 Finale

***SPOILER ALERT*** Well, folks, it’s time once again to savor the last moments of “Game of Thrones” before the god-awfully long hiatus, cherishing the final scenes like sucking the flavor from the bare bone of a baby back rib. This week’s episode, “The Children,” ties up most loose ends that
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TV Land: It’s not lupus, it’s the end

This is the end. If I were more eloquent, I might delight you all with an- inspirational quote. But alas, the only saying that comes to mind is: “Jessica, please put a shirt on.” It’s something that my roommate tells me frequently because I’m staunchly anti-clothing and pro making her
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