City moves forward on shared streets plan, Dwight Triangle renovations

Maddie Fruman/Staff

The shared streets proposal is part of Berkeley’s Telegraph Public Realm Plan, or TPRP, a project passed by City Council in 2016 that aims to revitalize the first four blocks of Telegraph Avenue with aesthetic and functional upgrades. Although many are excited about redesigning the street to be more inclusive to pedestrians and bike riders, another aspect of the TPRP has upended one of Berkeley’s local communities. 
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City of Berkeley leads nation with ban on natural gas

Berkeley became the first city in the nation to ban the use of natural gas in newly constructed buildings in August. Since then, many other cities have proposed similar measures in order to reduce their carbon footprint and move toward renewable energy.
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BART appoints Robert Powers as 10th general manager

Prior to his appointment at BART, Powers worked as an executive for the Seattle Department of Transportation and the Baltimore City Department of Transportation. In addition to his experience in other cities, Powers has seven years under his belt working at BART. 
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Are you going to eat that?

On the Mark

It all started with food. I grew up as a meat-and-potatoes Midwestern kid. My parents made a lot of casseroles. Tuna casserole, one of my mom’s go-tos, consisted of noodles, tuna, cream and breadcrumbs. Chinese Pie, aka Shepherd’s Pie, one of my dad’s specialties, was made of layered potatoes, peas
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