Back to his place


Friday night found me, as it often does, at a fraternity house. The room smelled like sweat and cheap alcohol, and the floors were sticky with Keystone Light. Across the room from a table littered with empty Solo cups, the two of us swayed our hips next to each other
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The Millennial Meltdown

Oh, Caleb. Why did you post that sad-ish quotation about friendship on Facebook this afternoon? What exactly are you trying to do here, sir? Is this because Taylor looked disappointed when he found out he was carpooling with you to soccer practice instead of Chad? Chad’s mom drives an Audi,
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Everyone should be like Kanye

Cultural Cadence

I am tired of hearing the same old stories about Kanye West. A recent TMZ headline reads “Kanye West Goes Nuts Again On Paparazzi.” Again? It’s common, it’s expected, it’s laughable. But more than that, these headlines are narrow-minded and ridiculous. Once the clichéd notions of him being an egotistical
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