My thoughts going into my senior year

Jessica Doojphibulpol/File

As I prepare for my senior year at UC Berkeley, I find myself in a state of self-reflection. I look back at my past years, all the things I’ve experienced and think about how they’ve all led me to where I am now. As I approach my last year of undergrad, I’m filled with excitement, angst, nerves, gratitude and every emotion I could imagine.
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Why I still keep a diary in my 20s

Although many kids tend to grow out of their diary-writing days, I — on the other hand — still fill most of my nights with pages and pages of entries to this day. Even at 22 years old, I keep a diary within close range, although I have definitely graduated passed puppies and pink feathers.
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An illustration of college graduates throwing their graduation caps into the air

What my gap years taught me

I think the concept of gap years is brilliant, it allows students everywhere to take a necessary breather and decompress from what they have come to perceive as the obligation of education and come to appreciate what education actually ought to be- a privilege and a joy.
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photo of a house

A city that is half mine: Reflecting on my hometown

I think everyone experiences this when traveling home for the first time in a while: the realization that the city we call home doesn’t hold its breath and wait for us to return. It keeps growing, decaying, expanding and even booming in our wake. 
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Photo of Sydney Sweeney in Euphoria

Why it’s OK to enter your villain era

Everyone is scared of doing what they truly want — especially the “bad” — or entering their “villain era,” as people may call it. But the truth is, as much as life requires us to be the hero, it also requires us to be the so-called “villain.” 
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