Steele should be a good fit at UC Berkeley

CAMPUS ISSUES: Incoming Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Claude Steele has a fresh perspective on some of the issues he'll grapple with

Claude Steele, the new second-ranking administrator at UC Berkeley, does not appear as if he will usher in any sweeping changes. But he seems to have the appropriate values and nuanced understanding of the campus necessary to succeed. In an interview with The Daily Californian’s Senior Editorial Board on April
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Open contradictions

UNIVERSITY AFFAIRS: The university’s recently passed open access research policy is at odds with the goals of the open access movement.

Earlier this summer, The Daily Calfornian wrote an editorial in support of the nationwide open access movement, which aims to make results of government-funded research freely available to the public online. On July 24, the UC Academic Senate proudly announced that beginning in November, anyone will be able to access
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Napolitano’s test

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: The choice of Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano as president of the UC is an unorthodox one. We hope she is up to the challenge.

The news that the secretary of homeland security would be the next president of the University of California came as a surprise. While we are supportive of the unique experiences Janet Napolitano can bring, she has a lot to learn and a long way to go to convince dissenters that
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Maintaining diversity

NATIONAL ISSUES: The U.S. Supreme Court made the right decision in sending Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, back to the lower courts to reexamine.

The U.S. Supreme Court did the right thing in not forcing the University of Texas to change its admission policies in its ruling in Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, a case that tested the constitutionality of considering race in university admissions. The Supreme Court sent the case back
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Unreasonable standards

CAMPUS ISSUES: The College of Letters and Sciences has an unrealistic expectation of hopeful computer science majors with its new GPA requirement.

A new GPA requirement of 3.0 or higher in the seven prerequisite classes for computer science applicants in the College of Letters and Science is too high. There needs to be a more holistic review of prospective applicants, with a lower GPA requirement. Implementing a high GPA requirement can lead
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The creaming of a Dream

CITY AFFAIRS: Plans to build a new ice cream shop on Telegraph Avenue would have little to no chance of succeeding.

History has a tendency to repeat itself in Berkeley. Imagine if Telegraph Avenue did the same thing on a microcosmic level: We could have two vacant lots positioned opposite one another (each with little hope for new construction) along with two age-old record stores (both experiencing waning business over the
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Executive overreach, part two

CAMPUS ISSUES: The Judicial Council made the right choice last week in voting to nullify the Health and Wellness referendum.

Each spring, the ASUC Senate votes to put a number of referendums on the election ballot. And each spring, there are constitutionally mandated deadlines set for the language of those referendums to be submitted prior to the election. In this case, former ASUC president Connor Landgraf made an executive order
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A deplorable delay

CITY AFFAIRS: Berkeley Police Department seriously mishandled communication following a death in its own custody.

Berkeley Police Department made a serious mistake in delaying the release of the autopsy report from the death of Kayla Moore — one which reflects poorly upon the department’s communication tactics. Moore, a 41-year-old transgender Berkeley resident, died of an accidental drug overdose while in police custody in February, but
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