Top 25 posts of 2013

With 2013 nearly over, The Daily Californian decided to look back on some of the reasons saw an unprecedented number of visitors. From Jan. 1 to Dec. 28, recorded more than 4.1 million visits and 7.2 million pageviews. We aggregated our website’s 25 most-read posts to relive the hottest talking points
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2013: A year in review

Feb. 12: Berkeley resident Kayla Moore dies in police custody Berkeley resident Kayla Moore died in police custody the night of Feb. 12 after officers responded to a disturbance call in the area of her apartment. Moore’s death elicited significant community response surrounding allegations of police misconduct and a lack
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Jigsaw falling into place

The Daily Californian’s opinion staff discusses the effects of some of the year’s most important issues

BART strike Even though the negotiations for the contracts of BART workers have ended, the biggest problem facing transit in the Bay Area remains unchallenged — the incompetence of BART’s management, which invested time and resources in smear campaigns rather than infrastructure or the workers themselves. Instead of thoroughly investigating
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We were left behind after the explosion

We are three of the five individuals who were directly affected by the explosion Sept. 30. We are still waiting for the university to give us answers and support as members of the Cal community. We are two undergraduates, one graduate student and employees of UC Berkeley. This is our
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An explosion here and bombs there

Tales of Two Cities

I was stuck in an elevator in Barrows for 88 minutes — and then there was a fireball on campus. It wasn’t as scary as it sounds, except for those two seconds in the elevator when I misunderstood the student worker who was helping us and thought she was informing us
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