Berkeley shelters continue to operate at reduced pandemic capacity

Photo of Berkeley Food & Housing Project
Jim Xu/Staff
Several shelters in the city, including the Berkeley Food & Housing Project and Bay Area Community Services, are still facing limited capacity and restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the world enters the second winter of the COVID-19 pandemic, the city of Berkeley’s homeless shelters remain at reduced capacity and continue to have pandemic precautions in place, with more people in need of shelter than there are beds available.
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An open letter to Pumpkin Spice

Dear Pumpkin Spice,  God knows I adore you. Your spicy-sweet aroma is mouthwatering, and you taste like a combination of chai, snickerdoodles and a warm hug. I have some issues, however, with how you arrive on supermarket shelves earlier and earlier each year.   Septembers are meant for new beginnings:
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Astrological signs

Self-reflection for the new semester: September horoscopes

September horoscopes are here!!! As a reminder, we are currently in Virgo season until Sept. 22, so take this time to reorganize your thoughts and game plan going into the new semester. This is the perfect time to self-reflect on your growth and to get things done before the craze of midterm season.
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September: The golden month for us Golden Bears

The Golden Gate of bridges, Eiffel of towers, Air Force One of planes, September is, in short, the GOAT. Either way, for a month so iconic, September deserves an equally iconic goodbye party. Here are a few ways for all you Golden Bears to say adieu to the golden month.
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