Funding cuts leave wounds in research

Katie Holmes/Staff

After less than a year, the misguided sequester experiment is seemingly coming to an end. But the damage done by it —  and the austerity policies from which it originated — lives on in cuts to vital programs such as science research and may be with us for a long
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10 things you missed from yesterday’s Robert Reich panel

For those of you who are midterm-submerged, cheeks-still-bulging-from-Taco-Tuesday fare, the Clog has come to fill your political fix. To help you make those A+ contributions to your discussion (or impress that attractive poli sci GSI), we’ve compiled a list of the most important takeaways from the Federal Budget panel Wednesday
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Symptoms of sequestration

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: If Congress fails to take prompt action, the UC system and the people of California will suffer as a result of sequestration.

Here is a glimpse of the austere world California is plunging into if Congress fails to get its act together soon: The state could lose as much as $795,000 in funding for assistance to domestic violence victims, about $87.6 million for primary and secondary education will be lost, around 9,600
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