Cal alum attends Veteran’s Day Parade

World War II Veteran, David C. Gan joins the Cal Veteran’s group for his first Veteran’s Day Parade in San Francisco. Gan graduated from UC Berkeley in 1956 with a degree in Public Health. Prior to Cal, Gan was an infantryman in the US Army serving in Germany from 1943
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A life of service

Not so funny, guise

While our college selves would still agree that picking up trash along a creek constitutes giving back to the community just as much as it did back in middle school, we now strive to be part of our environment in more integral and grandiose ways. As much as I respect
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Alternative trips serve communities

Two service-learning groups — Magnolia Project and Alternative Spring Breaks — are run by students who organize trips during UC Berkeley’s winter and spring breaks. Both are part of the campus Cal Corps Public Service Center. During the trips, participating students work with community organizations that focus on various social
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