Crazy internet lady

Pop Vulture

Let’s talk women in lunacy. They’re the illuminating symbol, the plot engine and the throughline for all that’s wrong and scary about the world.
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Looking like Mulan

Sex on Tuesday

I allowed myself to be violated, offended, objectified, dissected, because I didn’t think I held enough worth to deserve to live my life on my own terms.
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Dress to impress

A Greek Tragedy

If I decide to show no skin, or if I want to wear the smallest skimpiest dress in the world, that is my decision. A community full of young women shouldn’t treat each other differently depending on their outfit choices. A sorority should be a space in which women are uplifted through sisterhood, and by regulating their dress code and enforcing the concept that a woman’s worth is correlated to her modesty, a sorority is failing to do so.
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Unlearning the patriarchy

Unsettled Settler

I now put conscious effort into decolonizing myself by challenging gender binary expectations. Even though I sometimes catch myself saying sorry when I shouldn’t, speaking too softly, or moving to the side to let men pass, I am self-conscious of those actions.
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