Crazy internet lady

Pop Vulture

Let’s talk women in lunacy. They’re the illuminating symbol, the plot engine and the throughline for all that’s wrong and scary about the world.
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Looking like Mulan

Sex on Tuesday

I allowed myself to be violated, offended, objectified, dissected, because I didn’t think I held enough worth to deserve to live my life on my own terms.
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Dress to impress

A Greek Tragedy

If I decide to show no skin, or if I want to wear the smallest skimpiest dress in the world, that is my decision. A community full of young women shouldn’t treat each other differently depending on their outfit choices. A sorority should be a space in which women are uplifted through sisterhood, and by regulating their dress code and enforcing the concept that a woman’s worth is correlated to her modesty, a sorority is failing to do so.
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Unlearning the patriarchy

Unsettled Settler

I now put conscious effort into decolonizing myself by challenging gender binary expectations. Even though I sometimes catch myself saying sorry when I shouldn’t, speaking too softly, or moving to the side to let men pass, I am self-conscious of those actions.
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Three students standing in front of Sather Gate surrounded by text bubbles

Microaggressions are a reality at UC Berkeley. It’s time to stop ignoring them

CAMPUS ISSUES: A recent message from Chancellor Carol Christ drew the community’s attention to a widespread issue. Now it’s time to act

Last week, UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol Christ released a statement in response to recent microaggressions directed at Chinese American faculty members on campus –– But this isn’t an isolated incident. If UC Berkeley students and staffers truly want to be “woke,” they need to unpack their internalized biases and recognize their own prejudices. All community members must hold themselves accountable for calling out harmful and discriminatory comments to create an inclusive environment.
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Check your code

Cracking the Code Ceiling

Over the years, I’ve learned to fully embrace myself as a coder regardless of the sexist stereotypes forcing me into a box I can never fill. I refuse to be silenced by those who distrust my coding abilities as a woman in STEM.
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Mostly white UC Regents board juxtaposed with diverse UC Berkeley population

Gov. Gavin Newsom must diversify UC Board of Regents

STATE ISSUES: Diversity at the top encourages diversity at the bottom. Newsom must do better than his predecessors on appointing regents

At the end of his term, former governor Jerry Brown appointed Jonathan “Jay” Sures to the UC Board of Regents — a white man to an already predominantly white male board. Gov. Gavin Newsom must not fall in the footsteps of his predecessors and appoint regents that reflect the diversity of California.
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Not at your service

Off the Beat

I can’t remember the exact day I was first told to smile when I worked as a customer service representative in a pizzeria, but it quickly became routine. Throughout my job, I continued to deal with male customers who were disturbed by my naturally stoic resting face. They confused my natural facial expression with the idea that I am angry or upset.
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