Barstool Sports medals in sexism

Locker Room Talk

Holding Barstool Sports and its employees accountable is a first step to that goal. The second step? Maybe try creating a talk show where men can talk about female Olympic athletes without getting horny.
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Don’t be a dick: Toxicity in the gaming community

Pressing Restart

“Hey, thanks!” I shouted as one of my teammates shot down an enemy player who had been tailing me for ages. I was feeling relieved, when I heard a different teammate angrily respond, “Shut up, fag!” I sighed and muted myself.
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What makes a team?

Why do we love sports? Why do we love sports teams? Or more importantly, as another column in The Daily Californian pointed out a few weeks ago, can we love the team in the same manner if the owners’ actions are contrary to our value system? The answer to this
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Tits out for the boys

2 cents on 2 sides

The first day of third-grade swim class, I was asked to sit out for the most sexually objectifying reason. Having flown in just a few weeks prior and having yet to dilute my maladjusted wardrobe with culturally appropriate clothes, I self-consciously stepped out among veiled stomachs in my two-piece swimsuit.
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Scare tactics and webcasts

CAMPUS ISSUES: A university with a top-tier computer science department should not scare or underserve interested students.

This generation of college students faces a set of challenges that is unique to our time, ranging from cultivating an ideal social media presence to padding our resume with enough unpaid internships. On one hand, we are told that we need skills such as programming and an intimate knowledge of
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‘The Heat’ challenges hypermasculinity in buddy-cop films

Paul Feig aims to redefine comedy and shed gender divisions

The buddy-cop film is a long-established genre, with a pretty rigid and uninspiring formula: Two cops with extremely different personalities take an immediate dislike to each other but are forced to work together to solve a particularly difficult case — something they can only achieve by first bonding and becoming
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