Scare tactics and webcasts

CAMPUS ISSUES: A university with a top-tier computer science department should not scare or underserve interested students.

This generation of college students faces a set of challenges that is unique to our time, ranging from cultivating an ideal social media presence to padding our resume with enough unpaid internships. On one hand, we are told that we need skills such as programming and an intimate knowledge of
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‘The Heat’ challenges hypermasculinity in buddy-cop films

Paul Feig aims to redefine comedy and shed gender divisions

The buddy-cop film is a long-established genre, with a pretty rigid and uninspiring formula: Two cops with extremely different personalities take an immediate dislike to each other but are forced to work together to solve a particularly difficult case — something they can only achieve by first bonding and becoming
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Sex, Lies and Video Games

Sexism may be the most challenging threat to gaming industry to date

Lara Croft wears a gray tank top, khakis and combat boots. She is known for her outrageously generous bust, but since her debut in 1996’s “Tomb Raider,” her proportions have become increasingly more reasonable and her figure more conducive to exploring tombs. She’s also extremely easy to cosplay, so when
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The Discomfort Zone

The Internet has been a fun place this week. Well, fun is relative. It was probably fun if you, like me, avoided the scores of CalSERVE, Student Action and SQUELCH! Facebook posts and messages that accumulated in the week before election day. If you lingered on Facebook with “Thrift Shop”
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Oppression at the Oscars

The Academy Awards amounted to a shocking display of sexism

“Oppressive language does more than represent violence; it is violence.” ­— Toni Morrison I choose to surround myself with people who respect womyn. When people make fun of me, I’m used to the subject being my hapless actions or my affinity for stuffed bears, not my gender. Imagine my shock
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A funny thing happened on the way to the forum

Life in the Matrix

Up until now in this column I’ve written about various aspects and inventions of the telecommunications revolution, which began, presumably, after Steve Jobs poured out his fifth bucket of bikram-induced sweat, Steve Wozniak downed his last round of Funyuns and Fanta and the two set to work building computer chips
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A look at the women of Berkeley Engineering

Like any of us, when I read in an article published by California Watch about the sexist remarks an engineering student endured at our campus, I was appalled. Such remarks are totally at odds with Berkeley’s Principles of Community, and the College of Engineering has zero tolerance for such behavior.
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