Not sorry for all of my lesbian sins

Unsettled Settler

After my family learned I was a lesbian, I separated myself from church because of their homophobic treatment toward me. But now that I’ve become aware of its true history and purposes in Latin America, not only do I not want to be associated with it for its homophobic rhetoric, but also for its undeniable role as colonizers.
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Tell him, boy, bi

Sex on Tuesday

Since then, I’ve been learning and relearning how to fully embrace my sexuality. I thought that the ending of my relationship would be the last time my body and sexuality were directly policed — but I was wrong. I am still constantly being regulated and policed by society’s toxic expectations of what it means to be a bisexual woman of color.
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Rolling Loud 2018: Cuban Doll

With lime-green hair, a pink latex outfit and the ammo of her sexual and boastful lyrics, 20-year-old Dallas-based rapper Cuban Doll was yet another invasion of vibrant, borderline obnoxious color to the Dryp Stage of Rolling Loud.
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