Mansplaining motherhood

Mommy Issues

A month after I gave birth, my husband and I took our son to the pediatrician for a checkup. After waiting for what seemed like eternity with a cranky baby, a nurse led us to an examination room filled with toys. Soon after, a middle-aged, Korean-American male pediatrician came in
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Administrative salary increase is needed

While this increase does not directly affect other employees on campus, however, the comparison is not favorable. As GSIs fight for the right to unionize, administrative pay increases. Lecturers and adjuncts struggle without health care coverage or adequate pay in a battle that should be the shame of academia, but administrative pay increases. Facilities age and construction drags on, but administrative pay increases. Tuition soars and will likely increase to the rate of whatever the market will bear, but administrative pay increases.
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Hiding and seeking without shame

Safe, Sane and Consensual

What if we expanded and improved on that small student bubble of safety to create a society without shame — a collective community, where we meet others and ourselves with acceptance rather than judgment? An idyllic world playground filled with self-aware individuals, who teach children how to love themselves, to honor their bodies, whatever shape they come in, and to honor their preferences, whatever gender or sexuality or fluid, indefinable package they appear in.
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Just between me and you

Sex on Tuesday

Secrets — we all have them. You might be hiding the fact that you still pray for Paula to come back to American Idol, that you own a Stanford sweatshirt (yeah, right, “your cousin who went there bought it for you back in the day”) or even that you believe Yoshua.
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Extremely Loud and Incredibly Glenn Close

People often ask me every February, “Are you excited for the Academy Awards?” It behooves me as a “film critic” (fuck off!) to offer a very emphatic, compulsory “Yes!” in response to this question, which pulls at my shirtsleeves all year like a nagging child. But each year, my enthusiasm
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Sex addiction explored in cinema

Brandon (Michael Fassbender) is a handsome, charming Manhattanite with a well-paid office job and a spacious studio apartment. He is also a sex addict. He stares at women on the subway and in his office, and he smoothly seduces them in bars. He has call girls at the end of
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