Sunday’s rally was not what national outlets made it out to be

CITY AFFAIRS: Sensationalizing violence without context is reckless.

Happy families blowing bubbles, tossing cornhole and playing trumpets drowned out hateful white nationalist groups Sunday in Berkeley. Around the country, however, people read a reductive story about violence and carnage at the nation’s battleground for free speech.
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Alumni talk about their reactions to detainment

After two years of detention in Iranian prison, UC Berkeley alumni Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal spoke Sunday for the first time since landing on American soil.Bauer and Fattal, who were released Wednesday on $1 million bail after two years of imprisonment for allegedly crossing the Iran-Iraqborder while hiking, criticized American foreign
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Alumni released from detainment in Iranian prison

Two UC Berkeley alumni arrested in Iran for allegedly entering the country illegally were released Wednesday morning on $1 million bail after more than two years in an Iranian prison. Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal, both 29, were seized in July 2009 for crossing the border from Iraq into Iran
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UC hikers released on $1 million bail

The two American hikers and former UC Berkeley students detained for allegedly crossing the Iranian border more than two years ago were released early Wednesday morning on a $1 million bail by the Iranian authorities, The New York Times reported. According to The Times, Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal —
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Hikers saga may be over Tuesday

The past week has been a turbulent one for two UC Berkeley alumni, Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal, who are still detained in Iran, despite a belief early last week that they might be freed.