Spoils of victory

Vik-tory Lap

But if I’ve learned anything from the Kobe heartache, it’s to enjoy being at the top while it lasts, appreciate the run once it’s all over and then stay on the wagon when everybody jumps off.
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How to deal with smelly feet

Summer is officially here, and for some, that means the unleashing of vile stenches that no being should ever have to be exposed to. We at the Clog hope to come to your rescue and alleviate some of your odor-ious woes.
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NBA Top 25: 13-11

Now things get really juicy. While the entire list up until this point was highly contested, from here on out, you’re talking about a point, maybe two, separating players’ all-time ranks. How much better was Big O than Mr. Clutch? What does the Diesel have to say? Oh yeah, and
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